"Distributed Regional Library Systems"

    The goal of seminar was to discuss problems of distributed corporate library system creation in Russia as well as possible ways of libraries co-operation in the Noth-Western region. Seminar was arranged on 30 October, 1998 by Fundamental Library and Open Library Systems Center of StPSTU with support of Open Society Institute.

JPEG Image    Speakers delivered reports on vital issues concerning creation of regional library systems as basic elements of the virtual library of the future. Local library systems, based upon various hardware and software, will join within virtual space of corporate library system providing bibliographic, Internet and WWW services for the remote libraries. JPEG Image One of reports was devoted to the experience of multiuser distributed library system application and its use at the StPSTU's Fundamental Library. Electronic catalog is opened for free for all Internet user. It was noted that Fundamental Library provides access to worldwide scientific and technical databases for scientists of StPSTU. Electronic media databank is also represented in electronic catalog. Readers which are interested in legal questions can use "Code" law information system. New prospective methods of interlibrary loan including access to OCLC services were presented. Report on digital library technology for Russian academic libraries aroused great interest since it ensures information accessibility just at the moment of its creation. Evolution of digital libraries will influence cardinally on human activities already at the beginning of the new millenium; barriers in knowledge exchange will disappear, at the same time all of the aspects of security and copyright have to be maintained. It was emphasised, that just academic libraries ara capable to make the greatest contribution in scientific digital libraries creation, since they take active part in the process of the new knowledge production.
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   Reports were followed by fruitful discussion. One of the items considered activities of St.Petersburg academic libraries in creation of serials union catalog.

   The elements of distributed regional library system were demonstrated.

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