Central State Historical Archive of St.Petersburg (CSHA SPb)

More than 2500 archival funds are kept on files in the archives. About 2 mln. files (units of storage) are stored there. Each file contains up to hundreds pages of information. The archives have information about life of the former capital of the Russian Empire from 1703 to 1917. They concentrate on the materials of different establishments - administrative, police, class, religious. There is a lot of material about the buildings of St. Petersburg, its suburbs and of other provincial towns. The documents on industry, science, culture, education are widely represented. The documents on the history of public, revolution and proletariat movement are also available.

There are many bibliographic and genealogical entries. One can find information not only about the outstanding people, but about all citizens of St.Petersburg and province. Now the archive executes the work on processing this information.

The computerisation of the archive started in 1994. The archivist has installed the LAN, and worked out the information system based on RDB/DEC. OS DEC VMS is used. It is planned to keep the names of all funds( about 3 Mb ). General information about the population will also be kept on computer. It will be mainly in the form of colored graphics.

The connection of the archive to the Internet is expected at the end of 1995.

Address: 190008, Russia, St.Petersburg, Pskovskaya str. 18
Phone: +7 (812)-219-72-39

Director of archive - Valeriy Shishkin
Phone: +7(812)-219-78-68
Fax: +7(812)-166-61-73

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