Z39.50 Server Implementation

First russian Z39.50 server have been implemented at Open Library Systems Center within RUSLANet project. Now this server provide access to full-text database "Transactions of StPSTU".

Z39.50 is American National Standard defining a protocol for computer-to-computer information search and retrieval. Z39.50 makes it possible for a user in one system to search and retrieve information from other computer systems over heterogeneous networks.

Our server is accessible 24 hours in a day for each Z39.50-client or via experimental stateful Z39.50 gateway, which makes it possible to access Z39.50-server from each WWW-browser.

Short description of RUSLANet Z39.50 server
Protocol version2
TCP port210
ServicesInit, Search, Present, Close
Database nameNEWS
Query typeType-1 (RPN)
Record syntaxSUTRS
Attribute setBib-1: Author (1003), Title (4), Anywhere (1035)

These server and gateway are based on CNIDR's public domain software.

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